‘Gala’ – The Word That Fits All

Birthdays, anniversaries or festivals, who wouldn’t want to celebrate them in an insanely gala fashion. Who doesn’t love to feel special on their special days? Irrespective of the age, all of us seek and love the attention and treatment. In short, an extravagant special time with lots of colorful memories with our loved ones is what we wish for.

Thanks to Facebook, lately I bumped into one of my school friend’s daughter’s birthday party pictures. The impressive candid shots unveiled the tiniest of the details of the event. From personalized birthday cards to birthday cake, lighting, food, venue, dance, music, etc., each had its own color. The jaw dropping uniform outfits of the family members were pitch perfect for the day. The return gifts were a sure shot winner. Definitely, a beautiful and everlasting memory for the family and attendees of the event. Amidst the hundreds of guests, it would have been, undoubtedly the most tiring day for the child. The memories gilded in the frames said it all.

Personally, I do not have any childhood reminiscences of my birthday parties. Thus, I have always dreamt of celebrating my child’s first, and if possible, all the birthdays in the most elaborate and extravagant manner. The hundreds of photographs felt like a stitch of my dream in the frame.

Innumerable thoughts spawned in my thrilled mind as I browsed through the pictures. Instances such as these, boils down to few questions such as, ‘Will a one year old child, be able to appreciate and enjoy this event?’ ‘Will he or she be able to even remember, how they had felt during the celebrations at such a small age?’ ‘Is it a gala or a shallow show in some sense?’ Of course it feels little shallow as it wouldn’t make any difference to the child now or ever. Alas, then what is the point of celebrating in an insanely grandeur way?

Yes, it is true that the first birthday of a child is a once in a lifetime occasion. It is a very special day for the family and well-wishers. Undoubtedly it is worthy of being treated special. Definitely a memorable celebration is meant to be. BUT, not by spending a lavish amount of money on something which the child will never be able to relish in its lifetime. What if the parents are able to save that money for the child’s future dreams?
How about family as a whole, participating in a social service activity or making a difference in some other child’s life with their actions?

I wonder, how the children would feel, when the parents explain to them in a right manner, about his or her’s such first birthday celebrations? Once the child grows and realizes the importance of such gestures, the child would definitely feel happy and proud. Many families are already practicing these thoughts in their lives. Kudos to them. Yet, a considerable section of our society is still deeply rooted in their social norms of showing off their pride.

The joint family culture has faded. The society is drifting towards nuclear family culture. So it is imperative to inculcate the habit and the joy of sharing with our children. The children would automatically imbibe such thoughts, when such activities become a part of their lifestyle from their childhood. The thin line of difference between sane and insane would be easily be understood.

Henceforth, whenever you celebrate any of your special days or of your loved ones, think whether you have crossed that thin line. Let the joy of sharing be a ritual for your family on all the memorable occasions. Try once. Your life would be filled with a different level of happiness forever.

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