Owning a car

Once a Dream, Now a Reality…

Born and brought up in an Indian middle class family anything that valued more than 1000 rupees was considered precious. One television set was found in every ten to fifteen house. One telephone for the whole locality. Having a two wheeler in one family was an eye opener for other families of the neighborhood. Above all, if someone had a car, it was thought that they must be leading a royal and luxurious life.

Owning Car had been always a distant unfulfilled dream for any middle class family. Forget owning, the once in the blue moon joy of getting a drive in a car of some uncle or aunt, would become a fond memory for a lifetime.

I recently overheard a conversation of a father and son (approximately 10 years). The son wanted them to buy a new car with a specific brand which his friend had bought. For your information, they already have a very well designed, high end luxury car, comfortable for a family of four. The father just smiled at his son and changed the conversation. I was happy that the father did not nod his head for buying a new one.

Looking how times are changing, it is amazing how children are able to dream of a lavish and luxurious life at a very small age. We have come a long way. Nowadays owning a car is no big deal. Thanks to low and affordable cost, umpteen bank loan schemes, most of the middle class family is able to have a car of their own. What was once a dream, it is now a reality. And for the other lower class people, there are cab services such as Uber, Ola etc., offering them the joy of car drive as per their convenience.

Twenty years before, cars were a symbol of royal life. Today a new born child arrives home in stylish car from the hospital. The child is exposed to telephone, camera, television, air conditioner, etc., and all other amenities, the moment it is out of the womb.

True that, it is every parent’s wish is to give utmost comfort for their children. They wish to give everything whatever they have not got in their childhood. During this journey, at times, children are unable to learn the value of what they get in their plate. They overlook to appreciate what is given to them.

With the world moving so fast and furiously, it is never enough what we teach our children. We can never compete and be on par with the next generation. With due respect to all the parenting styles, one quality that every parent should definitely inculcate in their children is that “You should look at the other’s plate only if they don’t have enough in their plate”.


  • Cp

    But without looking at their plate how ll you know how much they have? ;).. I totally agree but the point is we are not ready to go back to ourselves. We cannot teach our kid what we don’t practice. When we jump jobs for pay, giving parties at luxurious places, treat our securities and helpers badly or exaggerate the greatness of Western countries and degrade ours,kids learn a lot about what is expected from them.. if you to look at world ten years from now, just observe the parents behaviour..

  • Kraj

    Nice one to tell to this new generation but what ever we do needs to be from the root like olden days basic. How we got to know from our grand parents. We forget to teach that. Its my way of view it may change others view too

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