Are You Jealous? If yes, then you are on the right path…

The roller coaster ride of pursuing a new job has been a bumpy road accompanied by countless emotions. The journey of finding one’s own path is never easy. Hilariously rejections have become an integral part of my life. Fortunately or unfortunately, once in two years, this scenario gobbles me up. ‘Jealousy’ is one of the umpteen emotions that rule this path. Thanks to the constant updates on the social media platforms for adding fuel to the fire.

After lots of thought and introspection, I decided to share about this trauma to one of my friends. The obvious reaction was not so surprising. But the fact that one should never possess the feeling of ‘Jealousy’ was always under the scanner of my thoughts.

From our childhood, we have been taught not to feel jealous of anything or anybody. We have stimulated our brains to recognize ‘jealousy’ as a bad entity. The society labels such people to be bad. But WHY? The answer has always been vague and abstract.

From what I have known, Jealousy isn’t always a bad thing. It is a natural innate human emotion seen since the inception of the evolution. It is normal to feel this emotion from time to time. All of us possess this quality, then why deny? Why is an individual in our society tagged to be ‘bad’? This becomes problematic only when we start acting on this emotion instantly rather contemplating on the same.

In this fast paced world, jealousy does exists. The constant denial and outburst will only lead to emotional trauma and depression. At times turning to suicide attempts, ruining all the relationships around us. It is absolutely perfect to feel jealous unless it doesn’t harm you or your loved ones.

The not much answered question of handling this emotion remains a mystery for those who are in constant denial. Acceptance is the only way out to transform this so called negative energy into positive and prolific vibe.

  • Steps to Handle Jealousy:

Are you feeling jealous right now? Or if you feel jealous in the future, then tell yourself that you are on the right path. Move ahead without any doubts in your mind. Accept the emotion that has just crept in. DO NOT DENY IT. Accept it. Later ask yourself the below mentioned questions with a calm and open mind:
1. Do you wish to have what they have? YES
2. Am I willing to work harder to taste the same fruits as they do? YES
3. Do you wish to take away someone else’s success away from them? NO

These questions will not only allow you to handle this emotion, but also help you stay positive towards achieving your goals in life.

Life is a blend of emotions such as love, laughter, anger, jealousy, envy, happiness, sadness, etc. There is no human being who does not possess any such emotions. It’s natural to go have such feelings. Because we are not told that all emotions are innate human qualities, our minds are wired to tag them positive and negative emotions. All emotions are good. It just depends on how we perceive them. So next time when you’re near and dear ones, go through ‘jealousy’, acknowledge them for accepting the emotion. Tell them they are on the right path and ask them the above mentioned questions. With time, definitely it would lead them to most positive and prosperous path of their life.


  • Joseph Fernandez

    Brilliantly put. Sometimes I find it helpful to imagine myself standing at the banks of a fast flowing river. Thoughts come by, like leaves or twigs floating by. And I watch them go by. And sometimes I jump in, holding on to a passing branch, sputtering along for a while, eventually letting go and swimming back ashore. It’s good entertainment. If ya know when to stop being consumed by your emotions, you will do just fine. I guess that’s how Patanjali might have begun writing…
    Led by questions such as yours.

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