Offline Shopping Stops
Offline Shopping Stops

Kudos to the technological progress, today we witness a boom in this e-commerce industry satisfying all our needs at our comfort and convenience. The fashion of “Online Purchase” or “Online Shopping” is spinning into an addiction. Every question’s answer ends up to an online search. It’s incredible to appreciate how the e-commerce industry has gratified our lives.

Going back in time, ten years ago, who could imagine of buying groceries and medicines by staying at home? The online shopping industry has everything one needs, whether it is apparel, books, furniture and groceries, etc., you name it, and it’s available. Consumers are more attracted to online shopping because of the comfort and luxury of time, place, transportation, etc. Yes, true that people are moving towards online shopping because of these immense facilities and ease, leading to the assumed natural death of offline or street shopping.

While online shopping is growing like a richness of a Mughlai gravy, I believe that the joy of street shopping is inimitable. Of late, we have started buying our regular groceries, vegetables and fruits from local vendors (Kiranas) who deliver directly from the farm. An early rise with glowing sunshine, a warm and brisk walk into the markets, hassling around to fetch fresh fruits and vegetables, certainly gives an indispensable joy of shopping in the streets.

Undoubtedly, traditional or street shopping is not as sophisticated and comfortable like online shopping. This requires a little extra time, hassle of migrating between lanes, finding the right qualitative produce and of course one would need to strike a conversation with the vendor for cost, quantity and quality. A happy shopper’s delight comes when one gets a cost effective and qualitative products. An adrenaline rush and a sense of fulfillment is what one yield’s when he/she gets the product for the bargained price.

While online shopping can be easier and at one’s own comfort, street shopping can help people who live their life on daily wages. Their daily bread and butter solely rests on every day’s income. Conversing with these vendors and knowing their struggles of life, and just not that, learning how they take pride and joy in what they have, adds a different flavor to life. Our one small action might create a ray of light in their daily life.

Before e-commerce platform originated, traditional or street shopping was the only one way out. Taking a deep diving experience of online shopping and then taking a “U” turn back to traditional or street shopping, imbeds a reformed outlook towards the latter. Undoubtedly, the online lifestyle is inevitable. Yet a cautious and conscious approach towards traditional or offline or street shopping (wherever and whenever possible), would help this class of our society to groom their life. You never know, your one small step could help them build a ladder for their dreams.

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