Muddled in the thoughts of life, career, family, relationships, etc., abruptly, it strikes me that, it’s been a while, that I went for a nice long walk alone. Plugging the headphones, I push myself out of the house to get some fresh air and rejuvenate myself with some positivity.

As I keep walking, I see a small boy (Looked like he must be studying 6th or 7th standard), getting down from his school bus. As soon as he sees his mother, he starts crying. (He was actually smiling till he saw his mother). The mother and the son had the following conversation:

Mother: What happened? Why are you crying? Did anyone say anything to you?
Son: My Math Miss scolded me in front of the whole class.
Mother: Oh. It’s okay. I will talk to the teacher tomorrow and put a word to the principal also about the teacher. Now stop crying.
Boy: Okay Ma. (He was back to normal within seconds).

And they went inside their house and I continued my walk. I completed my walk and reached back home. Interestingly, the conversation was still running in my head. It was very mirthful to me, that the child cried for a few seconds and convinced the mother. I told about the conversation to my mother. She asked me just one question, “How is it, that the mother did not ask the child, what he did, that made the teacher scold him?”

True that, when I had such problems during my school days, the first question my parents always asked me was, “What did you do?” Today, I hardly see parents questioning their children about their actions. For all the changing unfortunate scenarios in our school educational system, one small strict step from the teacher or principal to inculcate discipline in the children, parents are ready to pounce on the faculty and create a ruckus out of the same.

Remembering my school times, I realized how school life and our education system has been changed for all the good and bad reasons. Yet, gone are the days, when school was considered safe and secured second home for the child. Teachers were considered equal to “Parents”, who would take care of the children as their own.

I still remember, during our kindergarten days, teachers ate their lunch, only once we all finished eating. Right from opening the lunch box to making sure, we complete our food without spilling and wasting. Not just this, no matter how long it would take, they waited in school with us, till we were picked up by our parents. As we grew, this relationship between a student and teacher became stronger and healthier. They were a guide to our strength and weakness. They were instrumental in inculcating the foundation of the core values of your personality and mold us in the best way possible. They acted as a perfect catalyst agent for our lives. An unsaid and silent, student-teacher relationship was built for a lifetime.

With time, everything changes. In today’s scenario, just like the internet, Teachers are also considered just as a source of information and data; most of them are not given the due respect and credits also. There are teachers and
students everywhere. Yet, most times, there exists a vacuum in the student – teacher relationship.

On that note, I would like to say that it has been ten years, since I have passed out of school, and I am blessed and fortunate to be in touch with my school teachers. Though we might not be able to meet up, but technology has enabled to continue the relationship in some way or the other.

“Thank You” would be a very small word for what my teachers have given me. This teacher’s day I would say “Glory to My Gurus” and all those individuals who have pulled me up, each time I had fallen down and said, “Up and You Go”. I am what I am because of the seeds that were sown many years ago inside me, without expecting any reap from it.

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!


  • Shilpa

    Well, it is indeed a post written for the right occasion and I agree with many points mentioned.
    Yes, as a parent there are many of us who would not think to probe the child more to understand the intensity of the issue. Yet, there are many of us who take a different approach to the whole situation. We convince the child to have listened to his / her plight and give a solution for that moment. Later, we probe the kid more and also talk to other parents to understand the scenario, only to help the child handle the issues better in future.
    The teacher child relationship has had a paradigm shift in many levels. The environment has changed, so is the everything else. Yet, i see some teachers take that extra efforts to build a special rapport with every child in his / her class. Am happy that most of us can still be in touch with our teachers. I hope our kids and future generation get to hold a special rapport with their teachers.

  • Cp

    As usual good write-up :). Emotional, well timed and hits the problem correctly. Welcome back to blogging bro!

    Those days parents wanted their kids to become a good person. Today they want trophy children. Think teachers have adopted themselves to give what the society wants from them.

    Teaching profession was considered high profile job and coz of lack of other opportunities good teachers came through. Now a days only criteria to evaluate success of a person seems to be wealth. No wonder good teachers have dried up.

    Don’t worry good teachers do exist in places which are not corrupted by the so called materialistic civilisation. We can easily recognize them once we exist the mad rat race.

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