An Open Letter to HR

“We will let you know”
“We will call you back if required for further procedures”
“It would take some time for us to process your application. We will get back to you once we are done”.


Dear Human Resource Personnel,

I have been struggling in the process of how to convey my thoughts in the most supportive and effective way possible. Unfortunately, after an endless stream of imperfect drafts that I have deleted countless times, I have decided to write an open letter to you.

We know you are extremely busy handling the hard task of managing the entire back end operations of the workforce. It’s perfectly reasonable why you take your own sweet time to respond to the applications of the candidates for enrollment.

Nevertheless, in scenarios, where you have mentally decided to reject the applicant, it would be of highly appreciable, if you could convey the information of rejection on the spot, instead of using the above mentioned deceptive dialogues and giving us false hope of a successful and satisfying career. In short – “Because of your one rejection, we are not going to commit suicide. Your words and actions are just instigating a misleading ray of hope in our lives”.

This letter is to bring to your notice that, we as candidates have rationally moulded ourselves for both selection and rejection of the application. Being on the other side of the table, I would like to convey a small piece of information. We as candidates, look at the process of the interview as a learning experience. Hence it would be beneficial if you could convey the information of rejection in the most positive fashion by letting us know our areas of improvement and helping us perform better in our professional life, rather than drawing an ambiguous picture of our career.

With Regards,
Sincere Rational Candidate

P.S: These are solely my thoughts and do not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments or actions.


  • Keerthi

    Really this information is true. If they tell the real reason and drawbacks to the person, so it help them to understand their standard in the current competition.

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