It was a busy afternoon, with vegetable and fruits market on one side and buses, cars, auto etc., on the other side of road. Amidst this commotion, with headphones in my ears, listening to some random music, I was walking down the street, gazing the different colors of life. And then this happened with me.

“A group of 5 people came to me. They kept their hands over my head and murmured a little, following which they asked me for some money. Just as every other small kid, even I was terrified to death for few seconds. Within few minutes, I gathered myself and asked them, “Why do you have to beg? You have perfect hands and legs, why don’t you make a living by yourself?” And they all busted out of laughter like I was making no sense to them and moved ahead”. I was standstill, rooted by the incident that had just happened. I was confused and I could not get past it. As I stood, a cycle came and hit me, which brought me back to my senses and I walked fast to my destination.

Walking as fast as I could, I was trying to recollect the words that I had spoken to them. It struck a hard blow in me, with blood boiling inside, shaming me to have spoken such words to them. Yes, I was being silly and was making no sense at all. My words were shallow and meaningless.

They were right. Who will give them work? Who will hire them for their professional skill and ability? Who will pay them religiously for their talents? Who will respect and accept them the way they are, without knowing their identity? Can you? Will you? The quest to know who they are, keeps creeping everywhere, forever by the society.

Did you guess whom, I am talking about? I am talking about those, who are always pushed to darkness, for no fault of theirs. I am talking about those, who are considered an evil phantom for the society. Kids’ fear of them and adults make fun of them. Complete disrespect and disgrace is what they have got from the society.

Just for a second, think about a scenario, where people laugh at you for what you are. Everywhere you go, kids get scared of you. Irrespective of the gender, everyone makes fun of you. You crave for warmth, but what you get is, hurt and wound. Will you be able to survive that life of contempt? I doubt I can. But they do live it every day, and some live it with pride.

It is India’s 68th Independence Day. Right from celebrities to famous personalities from different walks of life etc., in short, every Tom Dick and Harry, is talking about what is freedom to them. We are actually gifted to talk about freedom, as it is granted to us. Unfortunately, even though they are a part of this free India, they are deprived from even the thought of expressing themselves.

For a change, let’s halt our thoughts for some time, about our freedom, and think about their freedom. Let us take a step towards their freedom. Let’s help them regain their lost respect. Let us stop inculcating a wrong attitude in our children towards them. Let us free them, from the daunting eyes of the society. At the very least, let us try to treat them like our fellow human beings, and not as any animal in a cage.
If not NOW, we will never eradicate this thought from the society.

“Trance” The Gender

Yes! You are right. I was talking about Transgenders.

On this Independence Day, let’s take the first step towards long lost freedom and respect that has been curbed by us.
1.To put your thoughts into actions, please click on the links below and take the first step:

2.Next time, please take the effort to give a handshake and convey the information about the organisations working for this cause, giving us a hope for a holistic society.


  • Rajat

    Well written Ila…..welcome back! Keep writing with value and positivity! May the independent Indian society move in the path of unity, equality and glory! Best wishes!

  • vidya

    While all creatures are created equal in nature, it is the “sense” in human beings that is lost as they grow out of innocence. Losers are those who fail to see beauty in being different

  • Shilpa

    Yes, “Trance” the Genders, and we all are so clouded with our gender, that we forget the rest of the world. Unless we feel comfortable wtih our own body, how can we appreciate anybody else? Do we still need more wake up calls to address the basic morals of life? and appreciate what we have and see? Phew!
    Well written blog as always.Keep them coming.

  • Cp

    If objective of our constitution is to bring equality, fraternity and liberty, then I think this is the section they should start with. The section of people who don’t get any rights as citizens of this country. Good writeup..

  • Sridivya

    Very nice article Mini. Keep it up. Links are useful.
    Times have changed. Yes society n public should açcept and respect these people for what they are. At the same time this population also need to fight for their rights and try to live with dignity. I have personally seen such people in work areas like beauty parlors, retail billing counters, hotel janitors and factories. Why, very recently there was news about a school announcing their transgender principal with pride. Thete are avenues for them creating an opportunity to live life normally. Society is evolving but slowly. There should be acceptance by both, public and the transgender population about their potential and dignity, two hands are needed to clap after all.
    I would like to highlight something related to this, there is a set of people who are normal men and women but they deliberately dress up like the opposite sex to mislead and create sympathy by resorting to begging, lashing and selling their body in the name of prostitution. These cross dressers create confusion and force the public to generalize about the transgender lot as a set to be alienated. In such cases normal people cannot be blamed, can they be?

  • Priya

    Nicely narrated ila as always. It’s high time that we have to ring a bell for social inequality.
    No one have the right to force them to be what they are not… let live our life n respect others

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