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It is already late for office. I hurriedly run and catch the lift. As I settled and wiped the sweat of my face, I look at two small children standing next to me, sweating just like me and though unable to carry, still carrying a huge school bag filled with plenty of books and their lunch bags in their hands. Their faces seemed like they did not want to go to school in the early hours of the day, yet there were not given any option. As the lift stopped, they ran to catch their school bus. With a great difficulty, as they were settling, they peeped out of the bus and waved hands with a warm smile. That innocent gesture took me back to my school days.

Throughout the journey till I reached the office, the scene of those tiny tots waving hands was immersed in my eyes. That’s when I realized; life at school is a movie with a no climax. Looking down the memory lane, it brings me a refreshing feeling of joy, happiness and warmth.

Today, as I saw children on roads with school uniform, I realized my school years of memories are all gone. Even now, my mother keeps telling me that, in my entrance examination for Kinder Garden school I kept asking the teacher nearby sitting, “How to write the capital letter ‘T’?”. It is hilarious, every time I think about it. Now that’s reminiscent for lifetime.

When I first stepped into this new world, I had no clue about what it held in store for me. As times passed, the same place became my life. Though I never liked the uniforms at that time, today I miss wearing them. Those stupid, silly pranks and those baseless jokes are not a part of my daily routine anymore. Everything is now a past.

Life changes with time. My school is not a part of my life anymore. All the madness, the fun, the togetherness has vanished. No more bunks, corridors, classrooms and teachers. All this has been left far behind. These initial years of my life have given me truckloads of memories. It has been a mesmerizing journey.

My school has always emerged to be an essential part of my life. It was always my second home. This second home holds within itself a second family. A family which is as important to me as my own family, sometimes even more. I have spent my formative years with these people; grown up along with them, learnt from each other’s mistakes. I have learnt how it is to maintain relationships amidst competition. My school has not only taught me, but also given me what is friendship and what true friends are like.

As years passed, the once closed chapters of my life opened, absorbing me into them. Throughout the journey I met innumerable people, some were friends, others acquaintances and the remaining foes. As I moved forward with these people, I unfolded various lessons of life. I learnt how to trust people, I learnt how to evolve and be a better human being.

Apart from the education and knowledge, school life has added ample memories and a handful of heart wrenching experiences that stay with me throughout my life. The innocence and fun of school life are unmatched. I always feel proud to say that “My School” has given me friends for a lifetime. I have learnt my foundations of life from my school.

At present, all of us have become so busy with our so called “life”, that we hardly have time to even text each other. In many ways, every marriage occasion has become more of a reunion of friends. In a way, I am happy and blessed that I am still in touch with my school friends and teachers, for so many people I have met, have always felt sad that they are not connected to their school friends.

I wish I had a rewind button or a magic wand, which can take me to my old golden days. I feel blessed and grateful to people who have added different colors to my school. I wish it didn’t have to end so soon. I miss my school days.


  • Yes, Ila.

    We must submit the feedback to god to add a rewind button in our life. For sure, school life is the one can bring lots of memories. We are really lost in our professional life.

  • Manikandan

    Good one Ila… This article makes me think of our memorable school days in SSV. Those classrooms, our beloved teachers, House uniforms, sports day , club activities ( especially music club 😉 :)). Awesome they r… We shall conduct a get together soon for our batch

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