“Intercultural” Marriage – The Curious Case of “Life”

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India is a “secular” country, with many religions, cultures, races, and ethnicity living together under one roof. And the one common thing among all of them is the “Concept of Marriage”. The glimpse of history reveals the true colors of “secularism”. Since the time of Independence, our country was always covered with bloodshed, not just of the soldiers, sadly also with communal violence and intolerance towards diversity in our society. Today, Indian society has changed and so is the institution of marriage. A decade ago, this institution was ruled completely by the societal norms; decisions were taken by the elders of the family and society. NOW, we see a radical shift in the way this association is perceived with “Intercultural” Marriage coming into existence. The recent surge in such marriages…
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Know Your Body – “Prevention is better than Cure”

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When people think about sexual health, they mostly assume sexual health is about sexually transmitted infections or sexual dysfunction. While they are important, there’s more to it than that. Sexual health is about three things – safety, pleasure and respect. Sexuality is an integral part of being human. Love, affection, and sexual intimacy contribute to healthy relationships. Besides the positive aspects of human sexuality, there are also diseases and accidental consequences that can affect the sexual health. Hence it is critical to undergo sexual health check-ups at regular intervals. An open discussion of sexual issues and sexual health concerns is imperative to promote sexual health check - ups at regular intervals. More attention has been placed on sexual health ever since the World Health Organization (WHO) issued the following statement;…
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