Demoralizing Clutches of Society
Demoralizing Clutches of Society

The everyday long bus journey of my life is generally musical. The headphones are my best companion. Sadly, even they stopped working the other day. As I detach the two strings, I started recognizing the beauty of life in some of the most trivial aspects such as the fight between dogs, different shades of sky, and the way the tea stall guy prepares the tea and so on. All these days, I was so absorbed into myself that I did not notice the beauty of those things that were right in front of my eyes.

While I was admiring the beauty of this world, my ears eavesdropped into a conversation between two mothers who were sitting next to me. The conversation was filled up with every other gossip, which finally ended up with each other’s sons’ profession.
The conversation continued as follows:

Mother 1: I have enrolled my son into Medicine (don’t know whether the son really wants to do that only). What have you decided for your son?
Mother 2: My son wants to do Hotel Management and wants to become a world famous chef someday.
Mother 1: “Appae Unoda Paiyan Samayal Kara Aga Porana” (TRANSLATION – So is your son is going to become a cook?).
Mother 2: Yes.
Mother 1: “Yaen Ne Othukutae? Idhu nammae society and status ku othu varadhu” (TRANSLATION – Why did you accept? This will not comply with the status and society in which we live in).
Mother 2: She was confused and did not know what to reply.

The other mother kept nagging her for a response and I had to get down from the bus as I had reached my destination. But this conversation was lingering in my mind the entire day. I have a sudden gush of blood shooting through my veins whenever I think of this conversation.

It is ridiculous to witness the fact that, even today parents want their children to choose their profession depending on the status and not on child’s interest or passion. And an even more irksome aspect is that, even today people in India, consider Hotel Management or becoming a Chef, as a very low rated profession. WHY???

It was Indian International Chef, Vikaas Khanna, whose food was served for US President Barack Obama’s Oath ceremony. There are so many such Indian Chefs who are showing their colors in the international arena and are much in demand. Clocking revenues worth billions of dollars, the industry is dynamic and fast growing. The opportunities for career advancement in this sector are immense. Hospitality and travel organizations are on the lookout for such talent. With the right attitude, skill and passion, the sky is the limit.

With board exams round the corner, it is essential for parents to not to thrust any decision on their child just for the sake of status and society. No status or society can give us the satisfaction that our passion can give. It is important that children are given the freedom to choose the profession of their interest and pursue their dreams. Let them be set free from the cynical societal rules.

It is also the responsibility of the parents to teach their children that no work is small or big. Unfortunately, with the current societal ideology, parents need to be taught that lesson. Time to unhook our life from the demoralizing clutches of society.

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  • Maddy Vijay

    Hi Ila,
    I Honestly Agree this post and appreciate it.
    “Little Things Makes Big Difference” 🙂
    Thanks, Keep Posting goods!!

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