A recent train journey gave me a disturbing insight to the one of the creepiest attitude that we find in Indian. The compartment was filled with educated adults, munching the gutka and talking about everything under the sun. Suddenly one of the members of the group spitted out whatever he had been munching just under the seat to where he was sitting. Adding to all this his friends, started laughing and seemed like, indirectly appreciating him.

This sad and astonishing act proved that “Civic sense in even some educated Indians has gone for a six”. Along with this, it also triggered a question in me that, “Will this same individual, behave in the same way, when he is in a foreign land?” The answer is obvious “NO”, because of the well- known consequences he will have to face.

“The Great Indian Spit”, the ugly and pointless habit of the incorrigible Indians deviates from the whole notion of “The Incredible India”. The “WHO CARES” attitude of most of the Indians is making Indian the most unhygienic place to live in. It is very common for Indians to witness people on the road who just feel free to spit anywhere, anytime. From rickshaw drivers to labour’s to people in cars; spitting sometimes looks like the right of every Indian.

Indians are a class apart, not in the wrong sense, but the way they think is definitely different. We love to keep our homes clean but do not bother to look at the dirt collected outside the compound walls. The Indian roads have a unique story to tell. Roads here are not just pathways connecting areas and cities, but they are used for multiple purposes. Indian roads have been enduring since long the spits of numerous Indians. Chewing betel nut leaves is a practice which has been in for ages, and spitting out the left overs has followed it like a ugly shadow to an already debilitating curse upon our nation’s population.

From the public health point of view, even swallowing the sputum is safer than spitting out in the open, in the dwelling places of people. The increasing number of Tuberculosis and swine flu patients in India are the results of “the spitting” act of the Indians.

It is to be noted that the issue of ‘spitting’ is dealt with broadly in the Indian Penal Code’s Section 268, which has to do with creating a ‘public nuisance’. It states, “a person is guilty of a public nuisance, who causes any common injury, danger or annoyance to the public or to the people in general who dwell or occupy property in the vicinity or cause injury, obstruction, danger or annoyance to people who may have occasion to use any public right.”

Though the provision does not clearly focus on ‘spitting’, it allows a person to be booked under this section if his act of spitting could be proved to be a cause of public nuisance.’ But it’s “India”, here a law getting implemented is like seeing stars at noon.

It is seen that literacy does not play any role in this thought process, because this spitting habit is a classless and an ageless attitude among the educated Indians as well. This laid back attitude among the rest of us is one of the reasons this stain has gone uncleansed. No number of workshops, awareness programs or television adverts can help them mend their ways. The blunt attitudes are doing more harm than good.

The implementations of stringent laws and cruel punishment in day to day basis along with the change in the attitude and the thought process of the Indians is the need of the hour. It is time to say goodbye to the “WHO CARES” attitude and take ownership for every act that can have effects on oneself and as a country in which we live in. It is time to take those small steps to make our country a wonderful and hygienic place to live in and bring out the real essence of “THE INCREDIBLE INDIA” in reality.


  • Hmmm….. while i agree that it is a menace and i am sure person who spits also feels the same. The bigger question is what is the solution. I think like we had and still have spittoons at home somebody should think of making a model that can be carried and cleaned easily…. will the government care to do this.

  • mini.asthana

    We cannot always wait for govt to act. Sometimes lets follow our fundamental duties.We need to find solutions… Like have spitting basins or bowls in all the common places, which can be replaced frequently.

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