As the year comes to an end, I wanted to look back at each and every aspect of 2013, which has made me into a better personality. This is year was a mix of both happy and sad moments. The year started with a proper romance with cold and fever for almost 20 days.

As the illness left me, the month of January culminated with a sudden demise of one of aunt whom I respected a lot for her zeal towards life. Times passed and two of my close friends Shyamalee and Aishwarya got engaged on the same day.

Amidst all this, was the shopping feast, for one of my school friend Sindhuja’s marriage in the month February. Her marriage was full of fun frolic memorable happy moments. Just when one marriage got over, the next session of shopping started.

This month March was the marriage of friend Aishwarya along with shopping for the marriage of Shyamalee. We shopped to the extent that we went out of the city (Bangalore) to finish our purchases. This phase of shopping is very memorable for both me and Shyamalee. Just when we returned from Bangalore, on March 14th, I had severe peri – anal abyss problem creating lot of discomfort and pain, and finally the complete healing took place only in December. This month was a roller coaster ride. With a visit to operation theater to the streets of sowcarpet everything was way too extreme. I need to thank Meeta Asthana and Karthik to handle me in the most perfect way and bear all my tantrums without any second thought.

During April completed my thesis for my post – graduation in journalism. Thank you each and every one who helped me to complete my thesis. This month also had my final semester exams.
The arrival of the month of May always brings happiness and days of Joy for our family, as we have my sister’s surprise birthday celebrations. With all the hide and seek game, finally May 2nd tried my best to give surprise for her, starting from mid night cake cutting along with jiju (Prasanth Sharma) and her close friends being a part of her birthday party. Thank you everyone who made it special for my sister. After this was the two day unforgettable marriage of Shyamalee. Had such a wonderful delight to get closer to her as well as her family. After this was the surprise birthday party of Abhilash at his residence.

The month of June was not only memorable for me, but also for Meeta Asthana and Karthik. All three of us, finished our post – graduation. The best part was me and my sister, Meeta Asthana is now double postgraduate.  Along with this, had Vaseekaran’s birthday celebration at my place. It is always a pleasure to cook for your loved ones.

Yes, now it’s the month of July. A month of birthday celebrations. Actually the month started with the happy news of my school childhood friend Poorni getting married. Added to these where the usual three back to back birthday celebrations. This month was full of happiness.

August was a month of Leap in my life. I took the biggest decision to go beyond my weakness and turn into positive. I was able to go and look out for a job in a new city. It was the most path breaking and adventurous phase of the year 2013. Though I could not succeed getting a job, I was happy to take that step and gain the experience of being independent.

September is always special for one reason that it has my mom’s birthday. Along with this, my school friend Prashant’s & one of my family friend Amala’s birthday. The whole surprise party got flop because my mother had already found it. Added to this was the celebration of Poorni’s engagement which added colors to this year.

November was also a month of marriage. This time it was my school friend’s as well as cousin sister’s marriage at Vadodara. Before this, was my awesome college friend Priyata’s birthday. Though could not be with her one the day of birthday, I did spend one whole day with her. Poorni’s marriage was also one of the most treasured days of friendship. It was a reunion of old awesome friends and super nostalgic memories. A week later, was cousin sisters marriage. A nail biting situation by the time we reached the destination. For the first time me and my mom had a flight journey till Bombay. It was such a freighting as well as adventurous experience. My mother was much more confident than me. The marriage was a memorable family reunion, with amazing fun frolic moments with all the members of the family. It was also a moment when I felt, family and extended family makes a lot of difference in one’s life.

The last month of the year, December, started with the final healing stage of my illness. Along with this was the short, cute and reviving visit to my cousin’s (Rajiv & Anju Nigam) place at Jabalpur. Days of reliving our childhood. Those old photographs and nostalgic moments  Life has come very far. After that beautiful stay, the year actually ended with the fruits of my one and half years of Labour of hard work and perseverance. I finally got a job in Dell as Social media content writer and could share the labour of life with my sister, who was acting as one man army.

2013 was a year of marriages and rejuvenating old relationships. The two most important things happening in my life was Overcoming the fear of going to theaters and started eating medicines. This year made me stronger as a person and showed me life in different perspective. It taught me life needs the most two things: PATIENCE & PERSEVERANCE. This year marked one of the most important for my professional career. My website was live year along with my writings from various genres and trying my best to influence and mark a change in the reader’s life.

As saying goodbye to 2013, it brings new dimension in welcoming the coming year 2014, with new hopes, new aspirations, new dreams, new passion and new zeal. Hope to have the most adventurous and high spirited year ahead.

P.S: Thank you to the most important people who have stood by me in each and every step of my life.



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