Do Children have Childhood anymore?
Do Children have Childhood anymore?

Every child of 1980’s and before that, would completely agree to the statement that, our childhood and the memories inclined to it were priceless. Our childhood was the best. As the clock strikes 5.00 PM, the streets and parks were filled with children, parents, grandparents etc., former to play cricket, lock and key, shuttle, 7stones etc. and later for their respective time of social interaction. No social restrictions or reservations. In the street all were one. Every colony, every lane was vibrant, colourful and filled with those wonderful and lively sounds covering the entire spectrum of human auditory range. Every place had a life of innocence and purity for itself. It was reminiscence worth a lifetime.
Those were the days, when children played in mud and water in streets, park, with toys, and learned to share and care for each other. Today all this has been replaced with, computer oriented video games and gain varied knowledge with click of a mouse. The present generation children learn and act instantaneously from what they see.
Today the meaning of childhood and the memories has changed. The streets are empty with no colours in them. There is no more life in any of the parks or colonies. Today people are so engrossed in themselves. Today the space of streets and colonies, have been replaced by gtalk, whatsup, hangouts, text messages, online video games, ipad, etc. It is more of a digital media interaction than a one on one handshake. Hence, children are inclined to get glued with technology.
With the unprecedented intensification in the growth of media and technology, children have evolved to match their creativity and intelligence. Thanks to the competencies of the media and technology. The minute they come into this world, they are exposed to various types of media such as mobile, camera, telephone, internet, iPod etc. Surrounded by technology, their attitude is also tech-savvy.
With the expansion and incredible reach of media, the children are given platform and opportunity at a very young age to explore themselves in every arena. It is a happy moment for parents when child grows faster than what they would have expected.
Besides the varied advantage, studies and experiments have shown that children these days lose their innocence by the age of 12, Thanks to the pressures and pleasures of modern life, internet and celebrity culture. Today’s children get matured faster, right from the way they talk to the way their attitude towards life, which is quite astonishing for the elders to accept.
With an easy reach and use, children of this eon are getting obsessed with the all kinds of gadgets and this whole new cyber world at a very young age. The new cyber world, also called “the virtual world” helps them to gain knowledge and grow in their professional life. They affirm that virtual world is more relaxing and guilt free without any complications. They trust virtual life more than real life. Surprisingly, in recent times, all human relationships also start and end in this cybernetic world.
Interestingly, this too has its own problems such as stress, tension, competition, depression etc. Nevertheless, it can be rightly said that, this VIRTUAL SPACE has replaced the “THE REAL WORLD”. No wonder TECHONOLOGY has become our children’s “Best Friend for Lifetime”, literally in every way.
Just in time, when many parents feel proud that their children are on their toes in the race of life to always win, it is essential to pause and rethink; Is it time for us to go back to the olden days, when we were technology free and keep our kids safe, giving them lots of memories of childhood? Is it possible to get rid of technology? Who is to be blamed, parents or children?
As always believed, “Change is the mantra of Life”, and it is the only aspect of this world which is constant. It is always wise to accept the change and march forward in life. Certainly, we cannot get rid of this technology oriented virtual world. It is the inevitable part of our life, because of the luxury, comfort and entertainment that it provides to mankind.
However, it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children the importance of the “Real World and Virtual World” and nurture them to prioritize each space. It is essential to show and raise the children to appreciate the pleasures and warmth of the real world which can never be satisfied in the long run by the virtual world.
Hence the children have to be groomed to help them to understand the beauty of this real world and aid them to enjoy and relish the moments of lifetime. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure kids don’t lose their innocence because of this virtual world. May the children have the best of childhood memories to adore for lifetime.
“Children are like clay, they get moulded into the exact shape that you put them in.”

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