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“When you create a soul, plant the seeds of love with your thoughts, words, and actions. The soul flourishes among the flowers of love.” ― Revathi Sankaran

In India, a family is said to be complete only with the arrival of a child. Those were olden days when a family had half a dozen of children and surviving with single bread winner, still being content with life. It’s astonishing to look back at that generation’s attitude towards life. Today, a family of four is struggling to survive. The only reason is “Dearth of Planning”

Being a socially active person, in recent times, I have heard so many people getting pregnant as soon as they have got married, or within a timeframe ranging from 6 months to 1.5 years from the day of marriage. Studies have revealed that fertility rate with respect to age has reduced to 25 – 30 years with the current generation. Though it is happy news, it is imperative for the couple to answer few questions before they plan for their family, which will have a long standing impact on their life.

Few questions that intrigued me with the attitude of couples in recent times are:

  • Do they really want a baby, or are they bowing to societal pressures?
  • Do the couple know and understand each other completely?
  • Are the couple physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and psychologically strong and responsible enough for their decision?
  • Does the pregnancy happen because of lack of precaution?
  • Is it a one sided or a joint decision between the couple to have a baby?
  • Or at the end of the day, do they just have a child, because they feel it is what everyone does?


Pregnancy has come a long way, starting from a time, when a women’s duty to satisfy the man’s need lead to the birth of a child; to a time when the couple could plan the arrival child to ensure a secured and comfortable living.

Besides the biological check-ups of the couple, it is also important for the couple to question each other, whether they are mentally, emotionally, psychologically and financially matured to take up the responsibility of the new life. With the explicit rise in economy and standard of living, along with the fascinations of children, it is incredibly important for the couple to plan the finances for the pregnancy and for the future of the baby at least to some extent.

It is of quintessential imperative, that the couple answers all the above questions and reason out to each other. A couple have to be in-sync with their thoughts, words and actions to “relish the joy of becoming THE FATHER and THE MOTHER”.

To give the child a comfortable, happy and peaceful living, it is necessary to introspect as a couple, at every stage, because, the child has done no mistake to suffer. The decision of pregnancy must be a mutual decision of the couple, without any external pressure. A well planned pregnancy is a well-planned future of the family. Treasure and adore the gift of the new life created by the couple for the rest of the life and not just for that one moment when He or She arrives….

P.S: Hearty Congratulations to all those couples who are going through this delightful phase of life. No intention to hurt anyone’s thoughts

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  • A lot of vital points in this post that we should know about treasuring the gift for lifetime, not for just one moment. This would really mean a lot. Thanks for sharing this one out

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