It was 9.00 PM on Sunday evening. The Sony Entertainment channel had its Indian Idol Junior and Colors Channel had its “JHALAK DKILAH JA, Dancing with stars” broadcast. With Independence Day round the corner, all mega serials, comedy shows, reality shows have all their episodes based on “INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS”.

As I was viewing the episodes, my mind was stuck up with few random, yet very important questions for which I had no answers. The importance of these questions differs from individual; however it was necessary to put forth the below questions in this media space:

  • Why is it that we don’t recognise the importance of INDEPENDENCE & FREEDOM each day of our life?
  •  Why do we talk about Independent India, Freedom Struggle, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru etc as well as their thoughts and lessons, ONLY on Independence Day or Republic Day?
  • Why do we have Facebook status messages such as ; “I am proud to be an Indian, Vande Mataram, Jai Ho etc ONLY on these two days”?
  • Why the Media has specialised programs, music and movie shows about Freedom Struggle ONLY on these days?
  • Why do the President / Prime Minister address the nation ONLY on those two days? Do they work for the rest of the year? If they had, Life in India would have been different.
  • Why do we start commenting on the work of those leaders of Freedom Movement, who had their own ways to solve the problems of the nation?
  • Why do we always blame the government? Are we not a part of the government?
  • Is it not are Fundamental Duty to elect a proper government for better standards of our country?
  • Why do we all of a sudden start talking about the corruption, unemployment, poverty, women empowerment etc?
  • How many of us know OUR HISTORY, while we are always curious to know the History of other countries? Ask yourself, what have you taught your child about your country?
  • Why don’t we teach our kids about OUR country in every way possible? Or knowingly or unknowingly we are teaching our kids that, “India is not a country to live in”?

These are just few questions that had come up in my mind. If you start thinking, you never know the kind of questions that you can ask. The easiest part is to question and the most difficult part is to find an answer. But, it’s time we all join hands together NOW and find answers to our questions.

Everything in life depends on our “ATTITUDE”. It’s time to declare a war to CHANGE ourselves and bring about the well awaited “REVOLUTION in our THOUGHT PROCESS”.

Let’s start NOW and educate our kids about OUR COUNTRY, and make them realise that the Independence and the Freedom, that they are enjoying needs to be treasured and valued in each and every day of their lives and just on those two days. Nurture them to stand up on their feet and fight for their rights EVERYDAY.

We ALL are a part of this country. Hence it’s OUR responsibility to secure our country in every way possible. Its time, YOU and ME join together to resolve OUR INDIA’S problems. It’s time we STOP blaming government and start OUR part of action.

With Media and Technology used in best way possible, I am sure we will be able to show and give a better and secure place for the coming generations to live in.

Happy Independence Day EVERY DAY!!!
Be Proud to be an India EVERY DAY!!!

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  • Sreejith Menon

    Hi Ila,

    I had these very questions coming time and again in my mind and to my surprise they came always around this time of the year.

    A few things that I realized:

    I don’t recognize the importance of independence every day in my life is because I know that I am not living in an independent India. My county is enslaved to a family, who to be in power has shamelessly used the surname of the so called father of the nation, who never was conferred with such a title officially. I am enslaved to misinformation and have been denied the right to know the real history of my country particularly the freedom struggle. The real heroes have been systematically forgotten. This day for me is just another national holiday. Sad but that is the honest feeling.

    Thankfully the prime minister and president only speak on those two days, it would have otherwise been very difficult for me to manage not to hear their bullshit on a daily basis. The only logical reason that I find for the pomp and show by government and covered by media is probably because they are left with no choice.

    Why do we always blame the government? Are we not a part of the government? – Well honestly I have all the right and reason to blame. I didn’t ask them to contest if they were not willing to do the job honestly. I believe in having no government than having a miserable one. And the reason that we talk about ill governance and issues like corruption is because there is nobody else to do it.

    What history do I teach the children, that as is in the school history texts or the truths that are coming to light in the internet and mostly published by foreigners.

    Ila, your questions forced me to answer and hence I have replied. I am sure that you might be thinking what is the solution. Let me tell you what I have found. Just ignore. Well i know that is not the right thing to do, but I will wait for the day when I feel that I can participate to bring the difference. Until then I pledge to live a righteous life as prescribed by selfless intellectual gurus of the glorious past of India.

    Jai Hind.


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