Since June 16 2013, every newspaper, television channel, radio station or online news agency had their headlines set regarding the Uttarakand Himalayan Tsunami tragedy. It is to be appreciated and rewarded that the journalists meticulously covered every aspect of the disaster; yet as expected, the story culminated to a political fiasco and drama of Congress vs. BJP vote bank politics. The percentage of stories written or broadcasted in environmental angle was very small to even mention. Every time such a natural disaster happens, my sympathies not only goes to the affected people, but also the nature and mother earth. This time it was even more.

It is said that Beauty is hard to define, but easy to recognize. In nature, we see beauty in every small thing and aspect of the earth. There is beauty in those beautiful gigantic snow filled mountains; in those vividly colorful plants, flowers, animals, insects, fishes, rocks, oceans, seas, micro-organisms, moon light, sun light, stars, planets etc. In each and every aspect of nature, there is a subtle beauty that protects the human life on this planet. No matter how tiny the substance is, beauty is imbibed in it. It is just that we hardly recognize and appreciate it.

It is such a wonderful quality of nature that, when human evolution began, nature had given everything on its own for us to lead a healthy life. If we keenly notice and think, we were, safely secured and comforted in nature’s lap. We had a comfortable shelter under the barks and branches of vast trees; clean and pure water from rivers and lakes for us to drink; food from trees and plants which provided uncontaminated fruits, vegetables, pulses etc. and protected with sun light and moon light. Apart from this, human life was surrounded by a clean, unpolluted environment to help sustain life. It is vital to note that, besides the fact that nature provided everything for our existence, human beings and animals, led their lives in coordination with each other. Neither of them were disturbance to other.

As time proceeded, man started to “think”. And look where this has brought us. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are taking every step to destroy our nature. In every aspect of our daily lives, we are killing our mother earth. It’s the small things that we do in our day to day lives like dumping garbage and burning on the road; deforestation for development of tech parks and residencies, destroying ozone layer with our automobiles; spitting on the road; improper sanitation etc. affects HER in a drastic way. It’s not only when we are alive, we affect it, but even after our death, when the bodies are burnt to ashes, and we affect HER.

We should appreciate and salute, earth’s tolerance and perseverance to protect us, no matter how brutally we keep harming HER repeatedly. But everything has a limit. And in reality, when she forgoes HER patience, she gives back to us with a tight slap on our face in the form of earthquakes, droughts, floods, tsunamis etc. And we are justly helpless. We have to go through every bit of pain that we have given to HER and watch the show with agony. Yet, every time we have been slapped, we never change, and we continue to give HER more pain. The slap seems to have no impact on us.

It’s time, earth should learn from all human beings on “how to give back the pain to another living organism”, because that’s how atrocious and cruel humans have become and strangled HER to endless pain so brutally and left her with no option , other than retaliating frequently. Before it crosses the neckline, it’s time we stop being selfish, and if not loving HER, at least stop taking HER for granted. Because the day she starts retaliating with full vengeance, it will end our death bed.

It’s a simple give and take policy…

This is a wake-up call for all us…

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  • A cute video explaining our dreadful influence on this planet.

    While it is true that we have not found another planet on this universe that houses life, we are actively doing everything we can to ensure that ours also does not. In a few thousand years, aliens from another planet would visit earth and wonder “Did life ever exist here?”.

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