lets get cooking

Shades of My Life 🙂

Its 6:00 PM in the evening. As I wake up from a power nap, within few seconds suddenly both my mind and heart speaks a lot about food, cooking, eating, dining, serving etc. May be I had dreams about food. And Yes! My taste buds are all agitated and hyperactive. In reality, my taste buds never get satisfied. And every time I look at food they start jumping and craving, just like how small kids jump and dance when they see toys. It might be hilarious, but the truth remains.

Cooking has been my one of the few hobbies, which I have always tried to pursue till this time (will always continue to do so :)). My mother, who is a Cook by her profession, has been the greatest inspiration to me. (Love you Ma for that :)). Till date my mother confesses to everyone that when I was in Third Class of my schooling, I had prepared the best dough for the breads,(i.e for the chapathis). Though I don’t remember any such memory of mine, till date she always appreciates me for that job. May be this all culminated into Cooking becoming, my hobby. It was every Sunday that my mother was given a break from the kitchen by me, and I used to cook for everyone. This opportunity was best utilised by me, as I tried new variety of dishes, adding my own flavours and serving the family with full of love, warmth and big smile 😀 😀 😀 . Some dishes came out well, somewere really pathetic. But it was all part of the game 🙂 ultimately my family had to eat as they had no other option :). The best part was no matter how pathetic the dish was, they always ate with a smile 🙂 which always encouraged me to cook for them. As I grew, and when I was in Class 9 of school, I had participated in an inter school cookery competition. I had cooked Malai Kofta with Roti (Yes guys I will make it for you some day, that’s a promise from me). I was very excited. But when the results came out, I did not win. But the competition induced an urge in me to cook new dishes. It taught me that no matter how many times you fail, some day you will learn the dish perfectly. And that was a lesson for lifetime. As time passed, I learnt that cooking means perfect blend of right ingredients at the right time. In aesthetic sense, the outcome of the dish also depends on the attitude with which you prepare the food.

Cooking has always been the biggest source of energy in me. No matter in which mood I am in, I am always ready to cook and eat. Besides preparing the food, I always loved to serve for people, see them enjoying the food prepared by me and there words of appreciation. Cooking always brought sense of satisfaction and added colours to my life. I will always be proud that no matter whether I succeed in my professional career or not, I will always be able to satisfy people around me and bring a smile in their face with my cooking skills.

Its 7:00 PM. And it’s time for dinner preparation. And today it’s Cauliflower Stuffed Chappathi with Cucumber Raitha.

Cheers to Food Lovers

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