From time immemorial, “Marriages” are considered a lifetime occasion, when everything should be the best be it the venue, bridal attire, food or the ambience and even the cold winds of global slowdown
don’t seem to have touched celebration of the big day.

In life we all want to do lots of things beside our actual professional career. But at times we are unable to do. You might be wondering why I am suddenly talking about this. Yes, I have a sudden craze to take up “WEDDING MANAGEMENT” as a career. At times, it seem hilarious to myself when I think about this, as I am currently doing my Masters in Journalism and also preparing for my Civil Services Exam. Still the wish remains :).

I have always loved Indian Weddings, especially being a north Indian and residing in Chennai gives me a lot of exposure to the different cultures and rituals. My mother always says, when I used to be a small child, and whenever we had to go to any marriage functions, I always used to be the first one to get ready and stand at the door and pull everyone outside. And till date somewhere in my heart the fascination towards marriages remain the same. The aspects that I love about marriages are, we get to meet lot of people, a form of reunion and rejuvenate mutual memories. Beside this, I always enjoyed taking part in the whole process of the preparation of marriage, right from deciding at the theme of the marriage, venue, dress of both the bride and groom, gifts, food, music, photography, and ultimately the SMILE of everyone. Ofcourse my love for bangles, uses all this opportunities to get new set of variety bangles and increase my collection. I don’t just buy, I wear them as well. With all my non stop talking’s coming to end (just for some time ;-)), request to people who know me to give your expert opinions about the same. Your honest and hearty comments are awaited.

Thank You.

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