This poem is dedicated to each and everyone who made my school life the most memorable one
Thank you everyone

Oh! Those beautiful childhood days,
I do miss them in many ways.
Free periods in the school when we used to roam around,
Cool games that we used to play in the ground.
Small fights between friends that lasted for a short duration of time,
Interesting classes when we were taught the nursery rhyme.
Lunch breaks when we used to share our food,
Punishments in class when on the bench we stood.
Tours in school that we were excited about,
Free periods in class when we used to shout.
Rushing out of the school to catch the bus,
When we used to reach home in a total mess.
Street games in the evening when all friends used to gather,
Those beautiful days when we had nothing to bother.
Now life has become hectic in full pace,
Everyone is running to win the LIFE’S race.
At times I think, Will those happy, colorful, carefree days, ever come back again?
Oh! Those beautiful childhood days,
I do miss them in many ways…


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