Journalism aspirants get their hands dirty at IIJNM, Bangalore

Listening to Indira Somani's lecture at IIJNM
Listening to Indira Somani’s lecture at IIJNM

It is not often that Journalism aspirants from in and around Bangalore get to spend an entire day in the company of a Producer from one of the big names in American news channels. So when Dr. Indira Somani, conducted a day long workshop for students of Journalism & Mass Communication at the Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media, it was an uncommon treat for the participants.

Dr. Indira Somani is an Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications with Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia with over 10 years of broadcast journalism experience from CNBC and the ABC affiliate in Washington, DC. She has been awarded a Fulbright senior research fellowship to study the Western influence of Indian programming in India and is currently at IIJNM conducting workshops on how to produce websites that display IIJNM students’ broadcast stories.

Trying a hand at the camera at IIJNMThe Workshop, titled, ‘Being a broadcast journalist…’ was a peek into the world of T.V. News reporting and production. Participants learnt first – hand of the elements that go into making a T.V. news story; from writing scripts, shooting and using natural sound for better effect to anchoring a news broadcast. Participants also worked in the in-house T.V. studio practicing anchoring techniques.

“I now know the scope of opportunities in this field” said Ila Asthana who travelled from Chennai to attend the workshop. “Dr. Somani made it very clear that perseverance is a very important quality. It is not a good idea to job-hop in the broadcast industry.” she added.

A total of 31 Students from Christ University, Jyothi Nivas College and Garden City College among others participated in the workshop.
Students of the Mount Carmel College in Bangalore found the hands-on experience unique and reflected that they learnt of the options they have. That they got to meet and interact with people in the field was a big advantage, a sentiment echoed by other participants.

IIJNM intends to conduct more workshops and events that will further stimulate interest in journalism as a career.

Courtesy IIJNM

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