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College students’ troubles consist of all kinds of things: bad grades or struggling to keep up the good grades, credit card debt, being away from home for the first time, being totally confused about post-graduation plans, not being able to get into grad school, juggling a job and college, breakups and family problems. These can and do lead to stress, anxiety, self-doubt and depression. Success is something which every individual aims for. But due to the above problems and distractions, one gets distracted from his/her path of goal. At this point one should know how to manage one-self besides all the problems.

Self management is highly essential in this fast running and competitive world, where everyday is a new challenge for an individual and one has to meet not only one’s personal demands but also the societal demands. Self management means going beyond all obstacles and fulfilling all the goals within the given duration. This will include no compromises for any one’s working or personal targets. So self management includes time management and stress management because one gets stressed of due to pressurized time. Time management means preparing a correct and proper schedule for one’s daily activities and allotting the priorities for one self. Stress is the body’s general response to any intense physical, emotional, or mental demand placed on it by oneself or others. Stress management means managing the time limits, work load and to achieve the targets in a relaxed and peaceful manner. So when a person knows how to manage the time and the stress, due to constrain in time, one is successfully able to manage oneself. One’s successes in life are proportional to the devoted quality time for the goal, intensity of involvement and make the people aware of your abilities and strengths. For all this to happen smart working of one’s self planning for the future is very essential.

Self management is different for different groups of people depending upon their working atmosphere and the kind of people they interact with. College students require self management because they are in that phase of their life where one has to decide about one’s future goals, undergo failure, undergo peer pressures and lots more distractions. One comes into contact with so many kinds of people, with different characters, attitude and working nature. So one is unable to accept all these things at the same time. They have confusion and depression in there life. The minds of college student might be wavering. This leads to the failure in one’s short term goals. So in order to touch the peaks in one’s life one has to have a proper plan for one’s future, implement the same at the right direction in a positive attitude and wait for the fruits patiently. One has to have or develop the following qualities to achieve self management: hard work, perseverance, dedication, self motivation, positive attitude, self – confidence and patience. It is clear and firm that “self management” is as vital as the knowledge of the particular field. Thus success can be attained through self management.

Now as we have learnt how much self management is essential in our lives, take step today to not to put your tomorrow in dark but to lamp it with the light of glory, success and prosperity. Forget about your results and just do your duty. Start now!

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