This is a documentary which aims at creating awareness among the people about special children, ie. children whose mental development is challenged. Through this documentary, we intend showing people how these delicate flowers are treated, how they cope with the rest of the world, and why they should not be treated differently or looked down upon, but rather, should be treated equally, and made to feel as one among us.

We bring to you Ms. Priya Rajkumar, coordinating committee member of ‘Maithree’, an association of parents of exceptional children with mental handicap. She elucidates how these delicate children should be treated, and how they, at Maithree, help these children.

Time duration : 7 minutes.


Scene No. of shots Video Audio Time
1 3 Extreme long shot of the school “Maithree”.
Credits overlapping the shot. Dolly forward towards the school. The school gates opening (Long shot).
Soft background music. 10
2 2 Dolly forward into the school grounds.Gradual pan around the school ground. Establishing shot of children playing. Voiceover: It is not everyday that we come across children who are mentally challenged. But here is a haven which is a world unto themselves. Let us get a deeper insight into their world.
Background : Children’s shouts and laughter.
3 4 Zoom in to a group of 5 children standing in a corner. Extreme close up of a girl looking at the camera with glazed eyes. Pan right to a boy laughing(extreme close up). Pan right to 2 girls fighting (mid shot). Voiceover: Look at these delicate flowers, oblivious to the challenges lying ahead in their stigmatised life, and peacefully playing. Doesn’t this very sight melt your heart and make you want to help these fragile kids? 13
4 1 Pan around the school buildings. Establishing shot. Voiceover: And that is exactly what this institution does. Here, at Maithree, these people have been doing a commendable job in providing not only food and shelter to these children, but also vocational eduaction. Let us get to know more about it from one of their own members. 12
5 3 Pan to the interviewee. Extreme long shot of her walking toward the camera. Zoom in to close up. Interviewer : Here is Ms. Priya Rajkumar, the coordinating committee member of Maithree. 5
6 3 Mid shot of the interviewer and the interviewee shaking hands.
Close up of the interviewee.
Interviewer : Hello mam, it is a great privilege to meet a person like you who serves the society.
7 3 Close up of the interviewer.Zoom out to mid shot. Pan to the interviewee. (mid shot) Interviewer : Basically, we would like to know what characteristics set these children apart from the others, and why they are called special children?
Interviewer : How did this novel organisation come into existence?
Interviewer : How do you take care of these children?
Interviewer : You say that you provide vocational training for these children. What all do you teach as part of that course?
Interviewer : How is their understanding ability?
Interviewer : Can such children also be functional in an environment with lots of distraction from normal human beings?
Interviewer : Cultural programmes for these children? Wow…interesting… could you tell us more about this?
Interviewer : What do we do, or how can we help such children be normal, and one among us?
Interviewer : Are there any plans of opening anymore new branches in the city aspart from the 5 branches which are already functioning?
Interviewer : How do you collect the money for funding these children’s needs?

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