PINK – A Social Awakening Movement

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[caption id="attachment_628" align="aligncenter" width="300"] ‘PINK’ – A Social Awakening Movement[/caption] ‘PINK’ – A Social Awakening Movement Till three years back, I was suffering from ‘Theatrophobia- Fear of theatres’. Thanks to my treasured friends for helping me, to overcome the same. The output is the intermittent visits to the movie theatres with my loved ones. One such visit to cinema hall was for the movie PINK. Though I was accompanied by my female friend, this was definitely a movie more for the male clan of the Indian society. It is not just a movie. PINK is a Social Awakening Movement in itself. With a simple google search, one can get the facts of the cast and crew of the movie – ‘PINK’. So I will not be touching about the same.…
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