Do Our Children have a “Childhood” Anymore?

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[caption id="attachment_397" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Do Children have Childhood anymore?[/caption] Every child of 1980’s and before that, would completely agree to the statement that, our childhood and the memories inclined to it were priceless. Our childhood was the best. As the clock strikes 5.00 PM, the streets and parks were filled with children, parents, grandparents etc., former to play cricket, lock and key, shuttle, 7stones etc. and later for their respective time of social interaction. No social restrictions or reservations. In the street all were one. Every colony, every lane was vibrant, colourful and filled with those wonderful and lively sounds covering the entire spectrum of human auditory range. Every place had a life of innocence and purity for itself. It was reminiscence worth a lifetime. Those were the days, when…
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