Digital Marketing as a Service (DMaaS)
Digital Marketing as a Service (DMaaS)
Rustic Roots offers a mix of Search Engine Optimized products (SEO) along with search engine marketing and social media marketing strategies and business analytics. A one stop solution for all Digital Marketing Services.  (more…)
Management as a Service (MaaS)
Management as a Service (MaaS)
Management is a way of Life, so is for any Business. With an educational background of management and professional experience of training and handling the teams, Rustic Roots offers services of Human Resource Management to yield and retain skilled talents and successful partnerships. (more…)
Writing as a Service (WaaS)
Writing as a Service (WaaS)
At Rustic Roots, I believe that Content is the Queen of any business (King). Creation of unparalleled search engine optimized content at scale, and embracing my partners to identify, engage and build meaningful long lasting relationships with their consumers defines WaaS. (more…)

Rustic Roots – Writer & Digital Marketing Consultant

Rustic Roots – A Bowl of Soup for Your Soul.

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Online Mentor & Digital Media Marketing Consultant.

Hi! My name is Ila Asthana. Rustic Roots is my freelance digital media service endeavor. I am a Writer, Mentor and Digital Marketing Consultant hailing from India. I have more than 5 years of professional experience in handling clients from the different industries. The aim is to offer writing and digital marketing customized services for my clients. (more…)

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Writing as a Service (WaaS)

Digital Marketing as a Service (DMaaS)

Management as a Service (MaaS)

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